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lisaB… Basil Backwards

I started to grow my first herbs indoors 2 years ago. I bought starter soil and various seeds and pots… I will not lie, my first plants didn’t turn out the way I thought. I didn’t realize that the herbs shoot up so fast and become scrawny and fall over. Unfortunately, those herbs have gone to herb heaven and I had to start over.

Turns out, you have to rotate the pots every few days in order to ensure that the young plants get sun on all angles and can grow sturdy and strong!! Oh yea, and don’t over water!

Once the plants start to grow a sturdier stem, it is time to repot them… this seems scary and well, it is… get a larger pot that has a draining hold in the bottom. (make sure that you have a bottom or small pate to put underneath)

I used Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix. It is great! Accompany it with a small amount of Garden Tone herb and vegetable fertilizer. Water and give it love!

My beautiful basil plant started off as a seed and now it supplies me with fresh, beautiful, green leaves every day, all year! My love for my herbs is tremendous!!!! I am so proud of my Basil!!!

Learn about ways to preserve your fresh basil here.

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