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Pack Expo 2017 – Vegas

Felins USA, Inc. provides specialty packaging solutions… whether it be bundling and unitizing, or labeling, we provide end of line solutions that make or break the bottom line of any given company.

Once you take notice of packaging trends, you will never be able to look at your world the same way… everything was bundled, packed, shipped through a distribution center, and labeled at some point in its journey… and well, that is quite fascinating!

Confession: The amount of time I spend at the grocery store has increased by 40% at least… and while this makes my day, my beloved companion may or may not find grocery shopping with me as thrilling as he once did…

In September of 2017, I attended my first Pack Expo trade show as a the Banding Sales Manager for the Food Industry! As a past performer in ballet and fine dining waitress with restaurants such as Sanford Restaurant I was excited and nervous about the opportunity to present our solutions to booth visitors and learn about other companies and their pain points.
The excitement and “ah-ha” expressions on passer-byers faces just proves how valuable these solutions can be. I met some amazing new customers and potential customers and the relationship began at the show. For me, sales is a relationship… how can we solve the problem together?… what issues do you currently have? How can we increase your return on investment? How can we work together to grow both of our businesses while helping our planet?


 Trade Shows seem to highlight the strengths and family bond of our company as well! As a dancer, I always felt that traveling brought the company closer together… the same seems to apply with business. From dinners, to being on your feet from 8am – 4pm in the hustle and the bustle, our company is a unit and a synchronized corps de ballet!

If you are in the world of packaging and sustainability, I highly encourage you to look into becoming a member of PMMI. It is an organization that learns about, grows, and researches the world that its members are a part of to better support them.

Trade Shows are exhausting and exciting! When work is fun and exciting, the long days and sore feet are irrelevant and incredibly worth it!




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