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Sustainability Spotlight – Rowan Folk

Our lives are filled with sustainable choices in life and in work. Tune in for the Sustainability Spotlight, as I feature admirable, sustainable choices in our world today.

March 2018 Feature


Meet Kathleen Rowan Leigh , an amazing woman of whom I got to know in my life as a ballet dancer. While years have passed since we spent time together, our lives have grown in similarity and sustainability. I have witnessed her love of our natural resources from afar and see an amazingly inspirational craftswoman and empowering mother to an amazingly beautiful girl.

Kathleen is a mountain mama, raising her family in Colorado, living off of the earth. Her talents and passion have opened up doors for her to grow in a natural and sustainable lifestyle in what she refers to as “Slow Fashion”.  Kathleen has proven the ability to return to traditional ways of living, that are rarely seen in todays day in age.

From organically dyed fabrics with the use of plants, foraged from the Rockies, to making her and her loved ones clothing, she has proven that we can live off of the earth.

With the use of natural resources such as hibiscus, black beans, and lichen, she has been able to successfully dye her own yarn for knitting. Her masterpieces with yarn go to show that quality doesn’t have to come from a store. I have seen her beautifully knitted work with socks, sweaters, hats, bonnets and more.

“Knitting is one of my favorite, and most used skills on a daily basis. Its repetitiveness relaxes me, keeps my hands busy whilst my little one is busy playing and I’m busy keeping an eye on her. It satisfies my creative urge and gives me a beautiful, useable, sustainable and warm garment in the end. I always feel proud when I’ve completed a fully handmade garment for someone to wear.” – Rowan Folk

Her commitment to reducing wasted materials and plastics is commendable and creative as seen in her day to day choices. Balancing a sustainable lifestyle in a world of technology and materialistic demands is challenging, but this strong woman has proven herself successful, and fulfilled. She has taught her daughter to get her hands dirty and live off of the earth beautifully, passing on sustainable life choices to the next generation.


Daily decisions and lifestyle choices can bring us closer to, or further away from the people we truly are and are meant to be. I can tell you right now that Kathleen is an individual I will continue to admire and where I can, I will incorporate her sustainable life choices into my life.

Sustainability is not always in the form of nature and living off of the earth, it is also about making choices that bring you raw happiness and simple satisfaction continuously.

“Been thinking a lot about how this tiny house supports 5 mammals, 4 fish, 2 snails and a handful of plants. And how that comes with it’s challenges. But, we make it work, and it’s our home and we take care of it because it takes care of us.” – Rowan Folk

Be sure to follow Kathleen on her sustainable journey through self discovery and creative independence on Instagram. If you are interested in what is available at her shop, or in receiving knitting lessons, check out her page!

Thank you Rowan Folk! Keep being amazing!

Click the link to shop her creations! Rowan Folk Shop


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