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A Family Business

I would like to introduce you to a one, Mr. Andrew Barrieau, President and CEO of Felins USA Inc.

“So, Mr. Barrieau…. that must be your…” – Everyone

“Dad, yes… that is my Dad!” – Lisa Barrieau


One thing that was asked of me prior to being hired was, “how would you feel about working with your Dad?”

When Felins USA, Inc. was looking for a temporary Customer Service rep to get them through the busy holiday season, my Dad contacted me and asked if I might be interested… we both knew that hiring me had to be based on talent and ability, NOT on relation to the president… I applied for the job and was hired as a temp!

I always had love and respect for my Dad, which made it easy for me to say that I could work with my Dad… no problem!!

I learned the role, and I embraced the position, the employees, the company and the customers. I was thrilled to be offered a full time position with the company and continued to learn and grow internally.

What is it like working with your Dad? Better yet, what is it like working for your Dad’s company?? These are quite easy questions for me to answer.

My Dad raised me on sustainability without me realizing it…

Sustainable relationships are ones that are honest and real, continue to build, grow and get stronger…

With my Dad, there has been no act, only love. No anger, only advice and constructive criticism. I was confident in working with my Dad because he is the same man as my father, as he is the president of the company. Honest, fierce, loving and inspirational.

He treats people with respect. He holds up a mirror to others, revealing their talents and helps to polish them and guide them toward their goals…he nurtures them in their career so they can grow and improve, just the way he has treated my Mom, sister Gina and me!

I since then have moved up into a sales management position in the company and I couldn’t be more passionate about the ever flowing stream of sustainability that runs through our company. Numerous employees have moved up and changed titles within our company because they wanted to explore and grow under the same company and leadership.

I always knew that I loved him for being my Dad and one of my best friends, but it is beautiful to see how many other lives he has touched as a father and leader in business.

I hope to one day be as fierce a leader as Mr. Barrieau… honest, ethical, inspirational… My Dad!!


A man that makes me laugh harder than ever. My role model and best friend!!

I love you.

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