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On the Road Again – #Teamsustainability

Traveling for my job is quite amazing. Between the travel, meeting unique people, and seeing phenomenal facilities, I really love this part of my career.

#Teamsustainability… what does that mean?

This is what Felins has to say…

Every packaging decision hurts or helps our planet.

We have a passion for creating alternative, sustainable packaging solutions and believe packaging is fundamentally exciting and environmentally important!


We offer non-traditional bundling solutions that increase throughput, protect product quality and integrity, and significantly reduce packaging material and labor costs for our customers worldwide.

Every day I research the FDA and USDA updates as well as news in the food industry. As I gain traction and travel, I continuously visit new and current customers to observe their current process, understand their pain points and needs, and suggest a valuable solution that can change the outlook of their company.

I would like to revisit a whirlwind of a trip I had just this January…

Where in the world is Felins Foodie???

Flying from Milwaukee to LA on a Monday, I stayed in Arcadia/Pasadena the first night, visiting with customers the next afternoon. It was amazing and complex to see their operation and production.

Our solution is a valuable addition to their company… the sustainability doesn’t stop there. The relationship and continuous growth is just beginning!

I speak with customers over the phone, we problem solve, we collaborate and discuss change, value and improvement… meeting them in person, traveling to a new place… you would think it would be scary or intimidating… it is like meeting an old friend. To see the face of someone you feel you’ve known for years and to shake their hand in an exchange of understanding and relationship is incredibly awarding.

I have never known such equal respect and appreciation in a work environment… and well… it sustains me.

Far away seems close…

I digress,

Tuesday night, Thousand Oaks, CA – customer visits and experiencing the local air and the local food

Wednesday night, LA, CA – meetings with customers

Thursday, fly to Minneapolis, MN  – have dinner with a dear friend…

I try to catch up with an old friend if time allows… in every city I can… So often friends and family move away and time doesn’t allow us to visit. When I know I will be having an evening in a city without customer or other work obligations, I try to reconnect and rekindle old local friendships! It is amazing to relive and re-love the past! It helps to remind you who you are and where you come from.

Friday, meetings in Minneapolis and then drove to Minong, WI for additional visits… visiting customers that Felins has had before me is important. We don’t stop at the sale, in fact, cherishing and caring for current customers is what reflects our culture and sets us apart from others.

Talk about a change in scenery though! Going from the warm sun and the smell of the Pacific Ocean, to the clean and crisp air of the cool Midwest…

This week felt like a month of adventure with numerous personalities, countless solutions, and breathtaking sights.

While travels such as this can knock the wind out of you, it is equally the wind in my sails and my inspiration.


TIP: Breathe the air…find a hole in the wall café…open your eyes!








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