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Food For Thought, Swallowed By Your Frock – Indy Visit

Let me start off by saying that one of the highlights of my career is getting to see “how it’s made” and learn the tricks of the trade in the food industry.

It is not always a treat for the sensitive or weak stomached… but for your typical food nerd, (aka me!) it is like Augustus Gloop at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!


While you can’t touch or take specific pictures, you get the inside scoop on the process, the volumes and the work that goes on behind the scenes. As a retired dancer, I experienced the magic that goes on backstage… between the curtains and the lights, the costumes and the make-up, … I now know the tricks of the trade!… “how it’s made!”

Food facilities are much the same in my opinion as we are so accustomed to seeing the final product, the snack pack on the shelf, the sausage pack in the freezer, but where was it produced? How was it packaged? What steps go into making such a popular product?

Some may never wish to know, but guess what… your food is coming from somewhere!

While a brand may be from CA, it is highly probable that it is produced in facilities all over the nation if not the world!

My recent travel to Indianapolis, was about more than just food visits. It was about customer and company relationships as well as Felins in numerous industries. Learning about your managers, your co-workers, and your customers, allows business to be more than just the sale!

By learning and listening, we can build relationships that last a lifetime as well as strengthen sustainable relationships both personally and at work.

Local Restaurants Tangent: While in Indy, we had the opportunity to have memorable conversations with delicious cuisine at Mesh and at St. Elmo Steak House. They are perfect venues to converse with business partners and co-workers as well as explore the pallet!


So about the food facilities… It is always quite the task! Between the steel toed shoes, (mine purchased and loved from Amazon!) the safety glasses, hairnets, helmets and frocks, you come out looking something like this… especially if you are relatively small like me! 🙂

The rules and regulations put in place by the FDA and USDA dictate what needs to be worn and practiced in these facilities. While it is every OCD persons nightmare, it is crucial and highly admirable.

From the beginning of the food production involving mixing, measuring and packing, to the labeling, boxing and palletizing, some of these plants run (3) 8 hour shifts a day, 7 days a week, in order to distribute delicious food to your local stores.

Learning the process is amazing and I love being able to provide a solution at the end of the line to reduce waste, increase throughput and improve the bottom line of the business.



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