Sustainability Spotlight

Sustainability Spotlight – PMA Fresh Summit 2017

Our lives are filled with sustainable choices in life and in work. Tune in for the Sustainability Spotlight, as I feature admirable, sustainable choices in our world today.

April 2018 Feature


The Produce Marketing Association, or PMA, a trade organization, represents companies from every segment of the global fresh produce and floral industry. This is anything and everything from planting the seeds, to harvesting the plants, extending shelf life through sanitation, packaging and labeling, to retail and consumers based on demands and trends.
This organization is a resource for various companies in the food industry, providing statistics, reports and updates on consumer trends, FDA  regulations, and new technology to improve process and bottom line. Through education, conferences and sustainability insight, this organization helps to keep the fresh food industry informed and up to date with changes, trends and technology.

What are some key focus points of education through PMA?

“New advances in packaging design, as well as in equipment and processing technologies, are creating a greater need for fully integrating communication across marketing, branding and packaging. ” – Consumers Drive Innovative Global Packaging Trends (PMA Research)



Fresh Summit 2017

“Fresh Summit is the epitome of where you can come to get the best ideas, the most innovative products and the widest selection of products available to you as a buyer.”

Debora Coleman, VP Floral, Albertsons (PMA)



Fresh Summit is an annual event for farmers, suppliers and vendors to network and showcase their products and solutions.

“This was the most beautiful and creative show I have been to in my career and PMA does a wonderful job setting an environment for all areas of the supply chain to network and build sustainable relationships with common goals!”  – Lisa Barrieau

I had the opportunity to meet with a good handful of current leads and customers all in one place and support their company in an atmosphere of fresh ideas and innovative technology!

To Name a Few Exhibitors:

While PMA encourages sustainability, I couldn’t help but think that there was SOOOOO much fresh produce and flowers that would most likely go to waste…
I was surprised and pleased to read in a few articles, including the Onion Business and AndNowUKnow, that a reported,

312,490 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables was donated by exhibitors at the PMA Fresh Summit in NOLA in 2017!!

“We’re so honored to receive this amazing gift from the exhibitors at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Convention & Expo,” said Second Harvest of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana Food Sourcing Manager Megan Nuismer. “Finding high-quality produce for those we serve is sometimes a challenge, and this donation will help us feed thousands of our neighbors in need across Louisiana. And ten trucks of this produce will be delivered by Feeding America to victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in Texas and Florida.” – Megan Nuismer, Food Sourcing Manager, Second Harvest of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana

While in 2016, after PMA Fresh Summit in Florida, exhibitors donated,

258,815 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables!!

This organization supports and attracts sustainable choices in the fresh food and floral industry, expanding awareness and action in our world today! PMA deserves a spotlight this month as they work to support and sustain the relationships in the fresh food industry and their relationships with consumers around the world. I am honored to be a part of an industry organization that supports healthy growth and improvement as well as sustainable relationships and choices.

To learn more about PMA, please visit their website!

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