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Where I’ve Been and What I’ve Seen – “Pieces of April”

It has been a while since my last post so lets start with some pieces of April…

Early April:

First, in memory of my beloved LouLou (Louie)… he unexpectedly left this earth on April 6th at the age of 3 due to a blood clot caused from cardiomyopathy or HCM. He was more than an animal, he was my little boy, my love bug, and my friend.

Dear LouLou,

I love you so much and you will always be deep in my heart… forever and for always my dear one. You made me laugh, you sat by my side until I finished my homework late at night, and you pressed your face close to mine in some of my darkest hours to tell me you love me no matter what!

You showed me love… Until we meet again. xox – Mummy

Change is hard, but the world keeps turning and all we can choose to do is love, give love, and be the greatest we can be! We all love purebred babies, but make sure you do your research on the breeders to ensure they are aware of, and doing what they can, to prevent and avoid these terrible, hereditary diseases.

Mid April:

I had the opportunity to go from one coast to another, traveling from Washington state to Pennsylvania for work.  I am working on a great project with a produce snack company in Cashmere that is unitizing snack packs for wholesale with a single, adhesive free band that helps them to maximize throughput with minimal steps and wasted materials! I loved driving through the mountains to get to this place, even if it meant an hour or so each way with little to absolutely no service… 🙂

Following this visit, I flew out to Philadelphia for an amazing Fresh Connections: Retail conference through PMA where we discussed the pain points of produce companies around the world in order to better determine where the industry was heading, and what changes and innovations should be embraced. Through an UnConference, the discussion and topics were determined by, and run by the attendees, allowing us to network, and discuss the industry directly with one another. I would say that the produce industry is in such a unique situation when it comes to sustainability and consumer trends.


Consumers want packaging that is recyclable…biodegradable …and sustainable, but are they willing to pay extra for it?

There are materials out there that are biodegradable, but some of them react poorly with fresh produce, or reduce the shelf life of the product. The industry is listening to the demands of the consumers and the discussions at hand are more than educational and inspirational.


Late April:

Where to begin…our Felins sales team made the journey to Switzerland to meet with our supplier, ATS for a US Sales Meeting, to discuss new technology, current successes, and the US market. It was such a memorable experience, starting with the fact that our supplier has treated us like family.

I turned 29 the day that we arrived in Lenzberg, Switzerland, and our Swiss work family threw and amazing birthday for me!!!

Between training on new technology, to discussions and debates about desired improvements, we were able to present our successes and speak up on behalf of our customers to better support them, accommodate their needs and address their pain points. I was quite proud to be able to educate our supplier on the food industry in America and the needs that they have in a fast-paced, consumer driven, and sustainable industry.




When you align your moral compass with eagerness to improve and learn,  your career blends with your life and you continue to be inspired, energized, and grow… it stops being a job, and becomes who you are!






Stay tuned for a tale about a girl who made a visit to Mulhouse, France to visit a dear friend!

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