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Basil Scorpion Pepper Jam

This jam has a delicious herbal flavor with a sweet pop of heat, perfect on crackers with cream cheese! Great gift and holiday treat!

As you have probably noticed, I LOVE basil! I am pretty sure that if you could have a spirit spice, mine would be basil… Lisa B backwards. 🙂 I am not the only one in my house with a garden addiction. My man friend, Douglas, is mildly, or shall I say, hot for his ghost pepper and scorpion pepper plants. He has been experimenting with hot sauces, dried flakes and jams. After finding some great jam recipes on Pinterest, he decided to expand on a classic recipe and create one of his own basil scorpion pepper jam…combining our garden obsessions in this delicious jam recipe.

Ingredients (What you will need):

Now what?!?

  1. First chop the sweet peppers and scorpion peppers
  2. Place peppers in the food processor
  3. Add 1 Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
  4. Top with Basil
  5. BLEND!!!
  6. In a separate, large pot, pour 6 Cups of sugar
  7. Add 1 Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to the pot
  8. Cook on medium heat to dissolve vinegar in sugar
  9. Once the sugar is dissolved, add the blended peppers and basil mixture
  10. Bring to a boil and simmer/stir for 10 minutes
  11. Next, add the packet of pectin and stir at a simmer for an additional minute
  12. Pour mixture into the cleaned jars — fill just below the rim initially
  13. After all of the jars are filled, pour remaining mixture into the jars evenly
  14. Place clean lids on jars carefully with a clean towel to avoid contamination
  15. Start to bring canning water bath to a boil
  16. Place jars in the water bath
  17. Once water is boiling, set timer for 10 minutes
  18. Remove jars and let cool — you will start to hear a pop sound as the jars seal shut
  19. Once cooled, refrigerate and freeze — eat within the year
  20. ENJOY this Basil Scorpion Pepper Jam!!!!!!!!!!


Best served over crackers with cream cheese. On a scale of 1-10 for heat, with 10 being the hottest, the tale end of the heat is about a 6 or 7.


Stay tuned for additional canned treats!




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