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“Pond Water” Talk — Health Remedy Recipes

My past career in ballet taught me about the importance of fueling one’s body with nutritious foods and supplements in order to have more energy, a clear mind, feel good and reduce current and future health problems.

“What are you drinking there Lisa?…..it looks gross!!! Looks like pond water!”

– Everyone at Felins 🙂

I have decided to pull together some or my favorite recipes that I use to create a more healthy lifestyle for myself, and I am excited to finally share them with my Felins Family in hopes that they can find them to not only be delicious and not as scary as they seem, but also become a healthy staple in their homes.

Healthcare and medications are expensive, so in learning about natural remedies and ways to improve health, one can live a healthier lifestyle and hopefully save some money as well!

The 3 recipes shared with my team were Classic Overnight Oats (great for breakfast), Carrot Cake Overnight Oats (great for dessert) and a Cleanse and Wellness Water. I also introduced 2 flavors of Kombucha by one of my favorite brands, Kevita! You can purchase Kevita and other Kombucha brands at any grocery store. Please feel free to recreate these simple and nutritious recipes at home to improve health and explore your pallet.

Click on the recipe links below to take you to the step by step instructions and described health benefits from out tasting!

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